Seven Amazing Cosmic Events You Should Not Miss In August 2017

And the dive of Cassini.

A night sky is a wonderful thing to look at, isn't it? It's the same sky which Copernicus used to gaze at thinking are we really the center of the universe? It's the same sky Galileo used to gaze at with the telescope, discovering planets and their moons. And it's the same sky you can look out of right now and see the planet Saturn.

And that is just one of the few amazing things which you'll be witnessing in the night sky. August promises to be an exciting month for sky-watchers as there's so much to choose from. In case you've dished your binoculars, or there's some dust settled on your telescope. It's time to get them in working condition because the night sky is not to miss in the month of August. Want to know which amazing cosmic events you could witness? 

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