Sansa Stark Finally Reveals The Hidden Meaning Behind Her New Game Of Thrones Outfit

See what she shared!


The new lady of Winterfell in Game of Thrones has started making her long unnoticed presence felt in the show, and it seems she's making every single bit of it felt while hiding her deepest of secrets and meanings in the outfit.

Something significant, memorable and noteworthy is tucked inside her costume, but most of us have failed to notice all of it or even the bit of it.

The costume designer Michele Clapton and embroiderer Michele Carragher share that Sophie Turner's character Sansa Stark's style has many layers added to it. It's all covered in her character narrative.

It may seem that she's  quiet, but she's the lady who has lived with the enemies; killers of her father. Her incredible journey in Game of Thrones season one to season seven has shown us different sides of Sansa but little did most of us have noticed in her symbolic costume.

Have a look, what are those deepest meaning which Sansa hides in her costume.