Two Pilots Gave Control Of An Airplane To A 10-Year-Old And Regretted Later

And five other bizarre mid-flight cases


Ask any kid what he wants to become when he grows up and chances are the word pilot would come up. As kids, we were all obsessed with not only planes but the idea of being airborne itself! The idea of flight, the idea of being free, the idea of touching the sky probably intrigued every kid at some point in time, but unfortunately, most of us didn't become a pilot.

Enter this ten-year-old kid from Algeria, the kid always dreamed of becoming a pilot and he had his breakthrough when two pilots let him control the airplane mid flight! Imagine being a passenger and coming to know that the flight is being guided by a kid who probably didn't even had his wisdom teeth removed! Nevertheless, when the authorities found out about this incident, they did suspend the pilots. Amazingly, this isn't even in the league of weirdest thing a pilot has ever done mid-flight. Want to know about the weirdest things pilots done mid flight? Scroll down and take off!

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