AC & Fridge Can Run 'Without Electricity' And These Indians Proved It For Us

Some of the coolest inventions...


In countries like India where the average temperatures remain 30 to 40 °Celsius (90 to 104 °Fahrenheit) throughout the year, ACs and Refrigerators are a must. Being a developing country, not everyone can afford those lengthy electricity bills and the expense of electrical appliances.

We all know that air conditioners contribute to global warming due to the heat that is dissipated from these devices. But, the cooling is definitely needed for people at their homes. Thus, a team of Indian designers has built a boundary-pushing structure that cools the air without using a single watt of electricity – and looks like a modern art installation at the same time.

Also, on the other hand, there is this one man Mansukh Prajapati, a traditional clay craftsman who has built a mini-fridge known as 'Mitti-cool' that can keep all the vegetables fresh for at least 3-4 hrs. 

Let's get into details of these coolest inventions.