10 Acne Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Did you know about these earlier?


You hardly know when the spots of bother become 'adult acne'. Isn't it? And then you try to find out the reasons why is that happening to you.

At that time, in your teenage when you face these little monsters, can you blame the diet, lifestyle or genetics? Is makeup your friend or foe? And how can you really get rid of acne? Every one of us has gone through puberty, or at least are currently in the stage of getting to it. Chances are that you've faced the brunt of having a pimple at least once in your adolescent years. Having dealt with pimples all your life, you've probably heard of all the possible causes of acne and zits-from eating oily food to drinking too much water- the list is endless.

I think that would be handier when we can get someone to tell us everything we need to know about the skin condition. So, let's burst those myths about acne and get on with some facts about them.