40 Out-Of-The-Box Photographs That Oppose Absurd American Laws

Headscratchers to hilarious, the snaps! 

Be prepared for some interesting yet queer stuff. You will experience happiness, shock, eccentricity in just one story, here. 

We bring you some really funny images of American photographer, Olivia Locher, from her series, “I Fought The Law”.  

Olivia has done an amazing job with her creativity. Cheeky. Poking fun. Tongue-in-cheek revolt. Perplexing. Innovative. Perfect words for the snaps. Some of the laws in America, that are brought to light by Olivia, are outdated and absurd. 

Some of the state laws are so slapstick that you will wonder what could be the reason behind them. Ranging from not having more than two dildos in a house in Arizona to not slurping a soup in public in New Jersey, these laws are queer.   

Go ahead, grab some fun with this clever take on some of the really crazy laws in America!