A Mother Notices Black Dots Inside Her Baby's Nose And This Is A Warning For Everyone

A must read for mothers around the world.


It was the same routine of the day when a mother, Meghan Budden was just starting to feed her baby boy, Jimmy. The boy was lying on the bed in a way that his mother could see deep inside his nose. It was unintentional, but Meghan noticed something up Jimmy's nose that changed their lives completely.

The mother swabbed her child's nose and found some black spots inside. Just like any other mother, she started to worry and looked for possible answers. Suddenly, a thought struck her mind, as she remembered something from the previous night.

Meghan who lives in New Jersey had lit two full-size scented candles in the room, that burned for almost six hours.

What did the candle do? That's the story we all need to know.

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