10 Disturbing Illustrations That Perfectly Depict The Sad Truth Of Mankind 

#5 is a harsh reality!


Humanity has seen many different times on this earth, many of them are amazing, while others quite drastic. But modern era conflicts appeared to have ruined the idea of a peaceful society. The humanity has succumbed to brutal social norms. It’s a dark side of mankind, which is an unfortunate reality. 

Many artists have tried to portray the tragedies that we undergo and overlook. But Luis Quiles, a Spanish artist, created the series of illustrations brilliantly depicting the bitter truth of mankind. Through his art, Quiles challenges the controversial issues ranging from drug addiction, censorship, and corruption, to sexism, violence, child abuse, and most pertinent of all, our social-media-crazed obsession.  

Many of us are, knowingly or unknowingly, the victims of such absurdities of modern culture. So, let's peek into the reality of what our society has become.