33 Illegal Photographs Captured From Ultimate Heights

#25 almost took his life!

When you're young and wild, you know your life is full of adventures. This is so true for some of the urban climbers who are not scared of dying and literally fear nothing. Some of the Russian climbers have decided to climb the tallest building in the world. They have travelled to Dubai, Hong Kong and Germany to take breathtaking photographs. All of these photographs will make your heart skip a beat. Do not dare to try these stunts as these guys are trained professionals and choose to live their life dangerously. 

These daredevils have captured photographs from the craziest of heights and have walked there without the fear of death, only with a goal to click stunning landscape photographs. Each picture will give you chills which you can't even think of. These kinds of stunts are banned and should not be tried at all because they are highly risky.  
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