19 Weird Yet Dazzling Sights At The World Body Painting Festival

A 3-day event recently held in Klagenfurt, Austria.


The World Body Painting Festival has been a part of the local festival scene for almost 20 years now and is the biggest art and music festival of Carinthia, the southernmost federal state of Austria. 

The regional capital with its historical city center, theatre, and galleries is just the perfect location for the festival and its visitors to enjoy an exciting festival week with a colorful potpourri of captivating body painting art and the delicious delicacies of the Street Food Market beside multiple musical top acts.

The heart of the festival was the world championship on the three primary days with competing artists from over 54 nations in various categories, trying to impress the festival visitors and the jury with their unique and outstandingly creative designs. Shortly before midnight the new world champions were announced and celebrated in an awarding ceremony. Let's take a look at some of the spectacular body painting pictures from the artists along with some facts of the event. Get ready as some may haunt you, and some may take your breath away right at the moment.