20 Photos That Prove Being Tall Can Be Extremely Painful

Featuring Shaq!

As kids, everyone was told that the holy grail of height is 6 feet exact. The height of 6 feet seems like that Elder Wand that Voldemort chased throughout the Harry Potter series, only to demand more of it when he finally acquires it. Although we cannot say the same about people with height over 6 feet, we can say that they live entirely different lives than us. 

For starters people would keep asking about their ability to dunk a basketball or become a goalkeeper depending on the sport, then there's always awkward hugs and everything for them being relatively small. There are also the occasional jobs that only they are asked to pull off, the most prominent being cleaning fans. So we at WittyFeed would like to bring to you 20 such images which showcase the struggles of being tall, and yes, we did include Shaq on the list. Want to see the struggles, scroll down.