17 Behind The Scenes Pictures From The Dark Knight (Don't Miss The Joker)

Relive the epic Batman film.

The Dark Knight is regarded as one of the best movies ever made in the Hollywood industry. Many directors have tried to capture the life of the Caped Crusader, but only a few of them have come close to what Christopher Nolan did with his Dark Knight Trilogy. The most popular and loved movie in the trilogy was its second part, The Dark Knight and the reason behind its success was Joker that was portrayed by Heath Ledger. When I first saw Heath Ledger in Joker's shoes, I was shocked and happy at the same time. It was like he reinvented the famous Batman villain. 

The movie was a hit as expected but Heath Ledger was not there to see its success because of his departure from the world before the release of the film. The movie won many accolades and set a standard for the future Batman movies featuring Joker.

Recently the new movie on Caped Crusader starring Ben Affleck, 'The Batman' was announced, and it is expected to release in 2018 (not confirmed yet). So to celebrate the arrival of new solo Batman movie's arrival we take a look at behind the scenes of the best Batman movie ever made, 'The Dark Knight.'