14 Secret Rules For Playboy Bunnies At The Mansion That Are Too Hard To Believe

#12 is unbelievable!    

At times, youngsters freak out when they have to make career options. 

Several questions cross our mind. What to do when I grow up? What qualifications will be required? Which job is right for me? And when we don't find answers to the questions, we turn to seek the easy options to calm the storm. 

But what about those who decided to join the entertainment industry? And wanted to become a playboy bunny! But being a Playboy bunny wasn't easy!   

When Playboy mansion became famous, it was assumed that the playboy bunnies were a bunch of elite, rich woman who got to live together in a beautiful mansion. The reality, however, is quite different. Playboy bunnies have now revealed that the mansion has strict rules about the sex and early curfews. 

Check out 15 rules imposed on the Playboy bunnies that proved that being a playboy bunny was not that glamorous.