Best Movie Franchises That Changed The Film Industry Forever

Is your favourite franchise on the list?


Nowadays it looks like every film released in Hollywood is designed in such a way that it can be converted into a franchise. Every single person in Hollywood wants to make brands out of their films, and it is only possible by making franchises. 

There have been many great franchises released till date, but the biggest question is what makes a franchise great? Is it box office collection? Is it the immortality of script? Is it how eagerly audience awaits for the next part? Or is it the success of every film? Well, this can turn out to be a very long discussion, but whatever may be the reason these franchises are ruling the current Hollywood scenario.The interesting thing about franchises is that they have release dates of most of the films even before releasing their first movie. In this way, they create an interest among the audience, and no one can wait for their release. 

Here in this list, we have gathered some of the great movie franchises of all time.