15 Epic Drunk Fails That'll Make You Reconsider Drinking Altogether

Drinking + Texting = Calamity! 

There's a reason why drinking is considered such a cardinal sin. When drunk, one loses control over his senses and does things he later regrets. And what happens when a person who is not in control of his senses gets his mobile phone out? Calamity. 

Sometimes texting can be taking to absolute new hilarious levels when drunk. Drinking and texting can be as dangerous as drinking and driving if not more so. Sometimes texts take a hilarious side when one gets to know what he/she did after they got insanely drunk. 

We at WittyFeed would like to bring to you 15 such images which capture the essence of such nuisances. There are FarmVille references, Mario references and the odd person getting drunk and asking his own girlfriend if she's single or not and much more. So want to see the embarrassing revelations all you need to do is scroll down.