15 Actors Who Went Too Far And Took Method Acting To A Whole New Level

The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results!


"There's a fine line between the Method actor and the schizophrenic."- Nicolas Cage

Many people believe that living the life of a celebrity is very easy. You have to do nothing but spend money, live lavishly and enjoy everything, but their life actually is much more than that. They have to do real hard work when they have to portray a character on-screen. 

Some actors don't consider their role in a movie just as a way of earning a paycheck, they consider it as their life itself. These actors take their roles so far that people begin to call them as insane and also appreciate them like they appreciate no one.

The new generation of thespians has taken the acting game to the next level with their sincere efforts and dedication. So, to appreciate these highly dedicated actors, we have made a list of thespians who took acting to the next level.