14 Hilarious Illustrations Proving How Life Has Changed Over The Years

Can you imagine your life without a Smartphone?


We've entered the 22nd century, and the world is changing every day. From technology progressing to people becoming more and more lethargic, this world is headed into an unknown abyss. We've got all the luxury in the world, but we can't even perform basic chores throughout the day because we're so lazy. The size of smartphones might be getting smaller, but the size of our bellies surely don't seem to be going down. 

But that doesn't mean we can't take a humorous spin to that as well. 

Giving it a wonderful turn, this cartoonist sketches some of the best problems we face coming into the 'developed' world, where life is dictated by social media, and we barely have time to pay attention to people sitting in front of us. Here are some hilarious situations you can relate to.