14 Amazing Facts About Iron Man Suit Which Were Not Shown In The Movie

Most beloved suit has deep science behind it. 


Iron Man is one of the most beloved comic characters of Marvel. One of the reasons behind him being so famous is Robert Downey Jr. because no other actor can do justice to the role of Iron Man. There were many things which were built by Tony Stark, but his most famous creation is Iron Man suit. 

The red and gold armour of Tony Stark is most recognisable outfit which is shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which began in 2008 from the movie Iron Man. The suits have grabbed the attention of many people all around the world, and many of the scientists and engineers have a dream of making the suits for themselves. In all the movies we have seen some different types of suits, but there are more things which we need to know about the suit. 

So, we have gathered some interesting facts about the Iron Man suit which may not have been shown in the movie but are truly fascinating.