Even Smaller Than Your Finger, These 10 Dwarf Animals Are A Wonder 

I wish to run and grab them, with both my hands!

Earth is a planet that has a lot undiscovered. To unravel more, we stumbled upon these dwarf and cute AF little animals that exist on this earth. Some are even smaller than a third of your finger, and they are animals, not insects! With the pygmy marmoset wrapping its arms around your fingers, the feeling of playing with these tiny creatures is an overwhelming one. They look so beautiful, primarily because of their size. 

FYI, there are pygmy elephants that exist! This list will surely make you learn a lot of facts about the dwarf animals that play around in the corners of this world. Each one has a different habitat in which it dwells, and also most of them need special terrains and conditions to survive. They are a cuter version of the 'wild'life!

Have a look at this list of dwarf animals that will make you go 'Awwww'! Do share with wildlife or pet lovers in your groups.